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No doubt about it -- you love your walking and running workouts.mbt , According to the most recent National Sporting Goods Association report, walking is the No. 1 participation sport among women, with 44.8 million doing it, while 11.1 million women are running and jogging. But with so many footwear options, finding the right Women's Sport Shoes can be as challenging as training for a marathon. That's why Shape asked footwear expert Paul Carrozza, owner of Run-Tex and WalkTex specialty stores in Austin, Texas, and a member of the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, to over-see 30 women of various athletic abilities, body types and ages as they tested the season's newest walking and running entries over countless miles. What our testers found: When it comes to cushioning and support, sport shoes as well as Women's Casual Shoe are no longer superior to walking shoes, with the main difference being that walking shoes have predominantly nonflashy leather uppers and a beveled heel and toe to facilitate a walker's gait. Also, large-gauge mesh is springing up in a lot of running and walking shoes; some testers loved how it kept their feet cool, while others found the material let in too much rain or dirt. Overall, this season's top picks showcase solid, functional features for optimum comfort and performance. Peruse our review for all the footwear facts you need to meet practically any challenge -- whether finding the right shoes, hitting the footpath or crossing a finish line in your quest for fitness.There is a dizzying array of sport Shoes For Women available these days which makes choosing the right pair a challenge for even the most knowledgeable athlete. Here are some tips for choosing the right women's running shoes.

1.Understand Your Arch Type.It's important to understand if you have a high arch or a flat one since this may alter your running shoe selection. One way to determine the status of your arch is to wet one of your feet and step on a dry piece of paper. If you can see the imprint of your entire foot, you have a flat arch. If you can only see the forefoot and heel, your arch is high.2Choose Your Shoe on The Basis of Your Arch Type.If you have a high arch, your feet are likely to roll outwards as they hit the ground, meaning you should choose a woman's running shoe with cushioned midsoles. If your arch is flat, your foot is more likely to roll inward when you hit the pavement, meaning you'll need a more rigid insole to keep you foot in line when you run.3Understand How to Determine a Proper FitA running shoe that fits properly should have at least a half inch of room beyond your toes. The shoe should fit snuggly but not so tight that you experience discomfort. It's helpful to wait until later in the day to try on running shoes when your feet are their largest due to swelling. Be sure to take along the same type of socks you use while running to wear while trying on running shoes.4. Buy Your Shoes From a Store That Specializes in Running Shoes.The advantage to choosing a woman's running shoe from a specialty store is that you can get expert advice on which shoes to select as well as have a chance to test the shoe while in the store.

This may not be possible if you go to a discount store. When you test your chosen running shoes, jog around the store until you can determine how the shoe feels on your foot. Try on many pairs of shoes before *** your final decision. Don't hesitate to ask the people who help you questions. Many of the salespeople in specialty sports shoe stores are quite knowledgeable in the art of choosing women's running shoes.5.Know When It's Time To Replace Your Old Running Shoes.If you run five days a week, you should aim for replacing your running shoes for women every four to five months. At this point, the cushion support of the shoe starts to break down and you may experience an increased risk of a running injury.


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