Tips For Designing An Appealling Charm Bracelet


Tips For Designing An Appealling Charm Bracelet

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As a piece of jewelry charm bracelets offer the wearer the opportunity to have a unique and distinctive piece of jewelry. This is true for both the types of charms as well as the actual charm bracelets themselves. There are a wide variety pandora of chain link styles, widths and even metals that make each bracelet unique. Depending on the charm bracelet's style, balancing your charms may take a bit of advanced planning.

The most important aspect of developing a well balanced charm bracelet is to consider the possibility of mixed types of metals in the charms on the bracelet. Silver charm bracelets are more balanced looking with silver charms and of course gold charm bracelets are more suitable to gold charms.

Two toned options for charm bracelets are great with either type of charm while traditionalists can stay with either gold or silver. With a two toned metal bracelet it is important to vary the charms along the bracelet and not group all of one metal together.

Selecting to provide a balance in the various sizes of the charms is also essential in creating pandora charms an appealing piece of jewelry. If there are larger and smaller charms consider alternating one large and two or three small rather than all the large together. The other option may be to place three or more larger charms evenly along the bracelet, then work the smaller ones in between.

Having each half of the charm bracelet about the same with regards to the number of charms and where they are positioned will also be much more appealing to the eye. To do this mark the half way point of the bracelet while it is on a flat su***ce, then position the charms outward from the center in an equal pattern on both halves.

Bunching or grouping all the charms together is not going to give charm bracelets a balanced appearance. This can be difficult with just a small collection of charms, but try to provide equal spacing between each and every charm and then add to the collection as you go from those basic charms.

Dangling charms and short charms that are closer to the bracelet also pandora jewellery can pose a problem. While you may have separate charm bracelets for each style of charm, you can still combine them along the bracelet in an alternating pattern.

Planning charm bracelets isn't difficult or time consuming, but it will make your jewelry pandora bijoux beautiful right from day one. If you have thick or heavy charms you may need to consider a wider, thicker type of chain to provide a balanced look. Always try out the charms on charm bracelets prior to permanently attaching them as this gives you more options.


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